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7 Days Online Summer Retreat | Donation based | No Thing to do

juli 10 @ 8:00 pm - juli 16 @ 7:00 pm

Update! 7 days instead of 10! – Spoken in easy English –

No Thing to do | Introduction to your True Nature
Through instructions, meditation, silence, sharing and exercises you will have the opportunity to awaken and realise your true nondual ground of awareness.

Being Orientation is a successful method (founded by Hans Knibbe, the Netherlands) rooted in the valuable ancient knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism, with the best practical aspects of western psychology. This particular combination makes true Enlightenment accessible for us in our modern culture.

The core vision points to the hidden treasure that lies within each of us: an inexhaustible source of inner wealth, happiness, profound wisdom, love and clarity. Being Orientation always appeals on our authentic true Self; which is vastly overshadowed and forgotten in our every day minded-based consciousness.

Online retreat
You are invited to go fully in retreat in your own home. You can see the daily activities in your house as extension of your practise, which will help you integrate the exercises in the break times. If you are working or with your family, it’s also possible to attend this retreat. All meetings will be recorded and put online right after the sessions, so you can follow them after if you can’t follow live.

The circumstances of likeminded others in your screen, who mirror and support your development, the personal attention from Michael as very experienced teacher and a full program of clear methods and guidance will let you create the circumstances in which you can embody your own essence on levels beyond imagination.


Friday 10th of July 20:00h, introduction retreat (Amsterdam time CEST)

Most days look like this:
07:00 – 8:00 morning meditation and meditation in movement
10:00 – 11:30/12:00 morning program: exploration and exercises
18:00 – 19:00 sharing and meditation

End retreat:
Thursday the 16th, 19:00h.

Occasionally there can be extra sessions and changes in the program.
All sessions will be recorded and posted in a closed online drive shortly after, so you can view them later on the day if you can’t attend live. 

Let’s meet first: 
If there is enough demand, there will be an Online Meeting evening, so you can get to know Michael, get a taste of his guidance and ask any questions. So let us know if you have any interest: info@zijnenworden.nl

About Michael Steinau
Michael is a Being Orientation teacher and coach who uses inspiration also based on Dzogchen, Tibetan Buddhism, Lakota spirituality and ordinary daily life for his retreats, trainings, individual and relationship sessions. His teachings reveal with great precision when you don’t live your True Potential and will guide you in your personal and spiritual growth.

Watch this English interview with Michael to get a taste of his work and a few exercises you can already do at home:
We hope that these teachings will reach anyone who is willing to receive it.
We would like to receive administration costs of €35 per person. For the teachings and organization we will use the buddhistic tradition of dana: you can give a voluntary donation in whatever amount is appropriate for you.
Sign up here for this retreat:
What does this retreat give you?

• you will discover that in the deepest level there is no thing to do; and what the difference is with being passive
• you get practical tools for your daily life;
• you fully let go of your normal life and retreat within your Self for ten days;
• you realize your basic goodness, light-heartedness
and juicyness and also realize that all that is already in you;
• you will discover the basic contraction in daily existence;
• you experience what non-duality means;
• you experience what it is like to be in the moment
with everything there is;
• integration at your own home: a life changing event. 
In the relatively short period I’ve been working with Michael Steinau as a teacher, already I feel my life shifting in a direction I hardly dared to dream about. Whatever happens next, this man’s message is as groundbreaking and heartfelt as practical, and I warmly recommend him.
Michael knows how to convey the beautiful teaching of the Being-orientation in a loving yet penetrating way. He is an inspired teacher with a clear view of what lives with his students and what they need to get in touch with their higher Self.
I’m so grateful I met Michael and came in contact with his teachings of Great wisdom. He knows and sees very quick the essence of your being. Michael can speak Truth about a person or situation with no ego behind it, so people can receive his message very wel. He can lead you into another dimension beyond space and time that is right here also within you and has been there; all the time. He teaches very important information that I believe the world needs right now. 
Michael sees exactly what my obstacles are. His words show me that there is freedom and happiness in all times, he makes me look beyond it, he helps me to remember my true nature. Michael makes me feel safe and points me to my own responsabilities with love and respect. I cannot imagine a life without Being Orientation anymore, or Michael. 


juli 10 @ 8:00 pm
juli 16 @ 7:00 pm
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